GTO Golf
Good Times Open

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join GTO Golf?
You don't.  Do you think that you drive up to Augusta National and ask for a membership application? You will be invited to join.

2. Where can I find more information?
You can't.  If it's not here, you won't find it.

3. How Are The Handicaps Computed?
Handicaps are based on your GHIN index.

4. What if I want an adjustment to my handicap?
Good luck.

5.  What is GTO?
That depends on who you ask.  We are guys from all over the country who share a common background and are reunited in South Carolina every year for four days of golf and male bonding.

6.  What does GTO mean?
That also depends on who you ask.  Originally the trip was named the "Golf & Titty Open".  Now it is  referred to as the "Good Times Open".   Some other creative interpretations have been given over the years. "Getting Too Old" has been added recently.  We used to go to The Myrtle Beach Ballet every night.  Then maybe twice.   We have not been to the ballet for 10 years.  Getting Too Old is definitely the norm.

7.  Can George say "fuck" here?
George can say whatever he wants here.