GTO Golf
Good Times Open

Official GTO Handicaps

This year we will use your GHIN Index (

Handicaps will be computed for each player using GHIN handicap indexes as of April 1 for the shorter tees and for the longer tees.  If a player choses to play from the longer tees, he will use his handicap computed using the slope rating of the longer tees, not the shorter tees.  

A tee adjustment is done using the difference in course ratings between the tees (rounded).  This year your  handicap will be based on the shorter tee selection. Those choosing to play the longer tees will get additional stroke(s) based on the adjustment. 

All big hitters must declare if they will play the longer tees, before dinner the night before, and to Fred.
Your decision is final and cannot be changed.  However, you can make a change to the following round and play the shorter tees by saying nothing

Fred will announce the players on the longer tees each morning, so handicaps on your games within and between the foursomes daily will be accurate.

If you would like an equitable adjustment to your handicap, please go to the FAQ page for more information.